The Wardens are Knights of the Metaverse.
An inclusive community for gamers and content creators.


The Wardens are a competitive Web3 gaming community focused on high quality content. We are an inclusive family for gamers and creators with a vibrant and diverse community built on empowering its members, where each member feels valued as an equal voice in the community.

Our approach is gameplay orientated as passionate gamers, so high quality and enjoyable products appeal to us more than flipping for profits. We strive to become one of the most respected communities in the web3 gaming space, a brand and community people can always rely on when it comes to gaming.

Real gamers. Real Community.

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― Don’t pause, press play

Game alongside
some of the greatest in Web3

Lead by KG, The Wardens battle together as one to conquer all the best AAA titles in Web3.

As a Warden, we welcome you to join our efforts to become a formidable force in the Web3 Gaming sector.


Be Rewarded
for your rank

Knights receive exclusive access to premiere Whitelists and Pre-Sales from the biggest Gaming projects in Web3. A Knight may only ascend to the rank by being active and supporting the Guild.

Join The Wardens Discord and start your journey to becoming a leader of the community.

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