Bloodloop is a TPS 5v5 Hero-Shooter where players choose from a roster of 12 heroes, each with unique abilities for diverse playstyles. Heroes possess three unique abilities, including a powerful ultimate with longer cooldown. BloodLoop prioritizes teamwork, encouraging players to identify hero synergies for powerful strategic plays

Game Modes:

  •  Energy War: Teams compete in 5v5 matches to reach Stable Exotic Matter (SEM) and transform it into Exotic Energy by simply touching it. After transforming Stable Exotic Matter into Exotic Energy, the team’s task is to safely escort the player holding the Exotic Energy. Exotic Energy must be transferred to a BLD-EM Machine on a cargo ship for transport to the faction’s base. 
  • Death Match & free-for-all: Secondary modes offer a lighter experience, allowing players to enjoy fast-paced, thrilling battles with less focus on intricate tactics


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